The European Union Border Assistance Mission shall actively monitor, verify and evaluate the Palestinian Authority's performance with regard to the implementation of the Agreed Principles for Rafah Crossing and will act with authority to ensure that the Palestinian Authority complies with all applicable rules and regulations concerning the Rafah Crossing Point and the terms of the Agreed Principles for Rafah Crossing. The EUBAM shall also contribute to Palestinian capacity building in all aspects of border control and customs operation.

  • Contribute to confidence building between the parties
  • Contribute to building institutional capacity in the PA to ensure effective border control and surveillance as well as a professional customs operation
  • Improve transnational co-operation on border management


  • Assist the PA to build capacity on border management and customs
  • Evaluate and assess the PA's application of the procedures
  • Require the re-examination and re-assessment of any passenger, luggage, vehicle or consignment of goods in case of doubt about the compliance with the applicable regulations

"The aim of EUBAM Rafah is to provide a Third-Party presence at the Rafah Crossing Point in order to contribute, in cooperation with the Community's institution building efforts, to the opening of the Rafah Crossing Point and to build up confidence between the Government of Israel and the Palestinian Authority."