Second Training on X-ray Imagery Interpretation Concluded

As part of its efforts aimed at enhancing skills on efficient border checks, the European Union Border Assistance Mission conducted  two training sessions on X-Ray Imagery Interpretation. The sessions were held between 21-23 June and 27-29 September, respectively - at GABC Training Center in Jericho. 

A total of twenty four representatives from the Customs and Customs Police agencies at the General Administration for Borders and Crossings sat for both trainings. The participants were highly motivated and eager to develop their knowledge on the detection process of items at the borders.  

During the training, the different types of x-ray machines were presented and difficulties facing GABC staff members at the crossings while operating the x-ray machines were discussed. The workshop was focused on how operators of the x-ray machines can interpret the images they see on the screen as well as how to maximize the efficiency of their efficiency.

The training was concluded with an online training where the participants received first-hand experience on how to detect items and how to interpret the images.

Further to the training, the Mission has donated ten software licenses that will enable the participants to continue to learn and rehearse on their own. These licenses are a tool that will ensure long term sustainability of the Mission’s support.

The training sessions was coordinated by EUBAM Rafah’s Border Police Expert, Mr Håkan Ershammar, with Border Custom Expert, Mr Artur Bryk, in assistance with National Language Assistant, Mrs Fardous Mitwalli.